Friday, June 19, 2009

Three Cheers for the weekend.......

No chemo, no radiation, no watching him struggle through the pain and weakness of his body as he dresses to make the trip to the hospital, receive the dreadful but necessary treatments to try and rid his body of cancer, and later, having to see his lips and body tremble as he struggles to contain some composure as he settles back into bed for a drugged sleep. Yes, thank God for Saturday and treatments.

Thanks to his new way to eat...through a tube in his stomach...he received nourishment today..I can also administer his liquid vicodin that more trying to swallow and no more choking. Two full days of nourishment, hydration and rest...Yes, thank God for Saturday and Sunday.


  1. I hope and pray that Monday will be better for him. It should be with the nourishment and pain meds. Blessings

  2. Hope you have a good weekend! Miss you both lots! I wish i was there to help, i will send my sidekick on Wednesday(mom). Since i can't be there i guess she will be ok. Think so? I love you both! Give Papa a hug and kiss from me and the boys!!! Laura Leigh

  3. Meme~
    I love you and am praying often for you and Papa- I think about you constantly and pray for your comfort and God's presence through all of this.
    I hope you read McMama's latest post - i thought of you through the whole post and that you are in much the same place as she is- needing God to hold you and give you comfort.
    God is the God of miracles, impossibiltites, healing and most of all Love-
    I pray His presence with you always!
    I wish I could come with Barbie!
    I love you!


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