Monday, April 20, 2009

A Very Good Day

I may not be going to Alabama for David and Cooper's birthday but I did get to spend the day with Laura and her family.
Bob and I drove over to Canton in time to attend church with Ben and Laura.

We had Subway sandwiches at home and our granddaughters, Summer and Heather, came over with their husbands and children.
These two are our grandsons(in-law), Kyle and Lee
(gee, I didn't realize how short I am)

The studious one (Laura Beth) had to return to school in Natchitoches, La.

Jason was there for a few moments...

so we got to see all four of our "Canton" grandchildren. It's only about 70 miles from here but we don't get over there nearly often enough.
The weather was sunny and mild, although very windy...the guys went out to see Kiles new plane..

Benjamin and Gabriel had fights with bamboo...

played in a pile of dirt left over from installation of the sprinkler system...

the boys found bugs

and Kiley did her "little girl"things

Summer, Kile and Kiley

Heather and Lee

We got home around 4 pm...took a two hour nap and then met our two sons at Kellers for a hamburger and beer!!


  1. I am ready for a trip home. Keller's makes me homesick!!! Love you all, Barb

  2. Not to late to be here for the birthday!!! David will actually be in fort worth!! To bad the boys won't get to be together. Glad you had a good time in canton! i love you and miss you lots and lots!!! laura leigh


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