Friday, April 17, 2009

Stellan is in Boston preparing for surgery
"Thousands follow journey of Mound infant's battle."

The five-month-old Mound boy, known around the world for his courageous fight against a heart condition, will travel to Boston, Mass. Thursday for a rare and risky surgery.
Doctors in Boston will perform a surgery called an ablation on Stellan McKinney next Tuesday.
"Up until then they'll observe him, get a feel for how stubborn his case is and try to get him off his meds because he needs to be off them for the surgery. The go in for the oblation and hope it ends with that," said his mother Jennifer McKinney.
Earlier this month, the five-month-old child from Mound received his first blood transfusion. While he’s doing better, doctors say his prognosis is still uncertain.

McKinney was 20 weeks pregnant when he was diagnosed with SVT or supraventricular tachycardia—essentially KcKinney's heartbeat was too fast.
But Stellan fought and was born healthy and stayed that way, until late March. Stellan has since been at Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis fighting for his life.

Thousands of people around the world are following his story through his mother's blog. McKinney says her website is approaching seven million hits—which averages out to 20 to 30 hits every five seconds.

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