Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The End of A Year Without Him...the end of a blog

I've decided  to discontinue this blog and do all  future  posting here .....  My memories will never be gone and I will continue to write about Bob and our life together..I just feel it is unnecessary to try and maintain two blogs.
My thanks to all who have shared this journey with me...for your comments of encouragements and  sympathy...they all meant the world to me.

Because You Loved Us


  1. Meme, I'd follow you anywhere!
    I love you, Lorie

  2. Thank you Charlene for all your great pictures and comments about Bob and the wonderful life you had together. And you are so right in saying your memories will never be gone and they will keep you going and the love of God will give you the strength you need. Love you and look forward to seeing you next week. Wish you were here this week-end as Andy & family will be here. Hope we can get him and Eddie together someday! They were such good friends as little boys! Jo Ann


Thanks for your comments..I enjoy receiving them..