Saturday, February 12, 2011


The sun is not shining
the flowers are not blooming
the weather is not cooperating
Ten months and I still think of nothing else

yet, here I am...
  in all honesty I'm here often...just reluctant to write...
.... what I want to write is not not good for my children to hear....many nights what I want to say is  "Oh how I wish I could go to sleep and not wake up".

Barbara tries so hard so much of herself to help me through this...while dealing with her own grief. What would I ever do without her..she works four, twelve-hour another half day every-other Saturday...and yet in the midst of running her own business she deals with many "life issues" with her friends and employees...because her employees are her friends ....she loves those six  girls..Christina, Tanya, Judy, Emily, Maggie and, of course, her own Laura Leigh
In addition to puting up with me, involving herself so much with her friends, she also has her own two children and four grandchilden to whom she gives much of herself.  She has such a BIG, open, wise and giving heart and spirit. She sees to it that I eat, she spends some amount of time  with me every day.., no matter how small..she will sit and knit while watching  movies with me at night..because I watch many movies..  she  prefers comedy,love stories, primarily "feel good" movies, while I, on the other hand prefer drama, action,  and love stories....she will watch whatever I want...
  I'm aware of how  blessed I am with her, and others,...her friends have become my friends...yet still all I can think about  and would want to write about is my loss, my loneliness, my grief. There are hours in  most   days  when I'm busy and preocupied with other things...but also hours in every day and night when I'm just deeply involved with him...and the strangest thing! It has occured a few times that when I'm absorbed on the computer   or in watching  a movie..and I get up to go to bed or to the living room or to the kitchen to do something else, for a few seconds I think to myself.."I've got to be quiet so as to not wake him." memory has clouded for just a brief few seconds and I forget that he's not here....when that moment passes and my mind returns to the present  it's like a knife in my heart .

Hence, if I were to return to posting on this blog here is what I'd say:

I was just happily breezing  along ..  a past that was blessed, a present that was content and thankful and  looking foward to a few more good years together...then in 10 months time (June 4, 09 - April '10)  my dear husband went
 from this

to this...
April 10, 2010
after recieving  radiation treatments daily, for 7 weeks,  followed by respirator failure, twice,  he spent  two weeks in ICU at Baylor...then  we were  here at Kindred Hospital, Dallas the entire month of September 2009 for trach weening and rehab.


After going home he tried so hard to regain some strength...
he seemed to be doing better and  tests showed no cancer . I was thrilled, he was skeptical...because he was so sick and weak...radiation had done much salavia glands, unable to swallow since the second week of feeding tube (turned out to be for the rest of his life),,lost 30 lbs.

Nov. 14, 2009    look at that sweet smile...after all he had endured...

he tried to walk some every day....I followed him with his wheel chair...just in case...

so we followed through with our plans to move to Alabama, where our cabin was being build..we left Dallas on Dec. 20th...Barbara, and the boys greet us at the Huntsville airport..

Dec. 31st...  Eddie, Herk, Laura  and some of the grandkids drove from Dallas,bringing our furniture, etc.,

 He would spent most of the day  in Barbs kitchen watching our cabin being built.....  Until he could no longer sit up         .Dec 22, 2009

Jan. 19, 2010..on her backporch

His condition worsened...he began having seizure-like episodes ... he had four doctors...Oncologist, Neurologist, ENT (Otolaryngologis), and a geriatric GP...we ran him around from place to place in an attempt to make sure we covered all the everything possible to help him...we were so afraid that we would miss something. He suffered bruising to his brain after a fall. In addition we had Home Health visits 2 - 3 times a week...and then later, Hospice. .
He was hospitalized  3 times in Feb. and March...pneumonia.....and then  for nearly 3 weeks, he lay unable to hear, unable to speak,  ...the radiation continued to do it's damage...  his last three weeks of life ...until April 13th.... he was mostly unable to move (his arm would raise and jerk involuntarily)...his eyes were rarely open.. For the most part, he was off into another place...preparing for death.

 I'm so thankful for Hospice and that we had him at home...that I was able to care for him..that my girls were here to help me, .that I was able to be beside him, holding him , telling him that I loved him... as he left this heart yearns for the day we are together again

                                                    March 21    ....Laura and Laura Leigh

                                                              March 28     Barbara

April 10   Nicki

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  1. Mom, that sums it up pretty well. It has been a difficult journey. I am glad you have some time during the day that occupies you with other thoughts. I know how much Barbara and her family have been a blessing to you. I love you and pray I see you soon. Laura


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