Saturday, October 23, 2010

Letter # 42

February 5, 1952

"Hello Darling,
   Still love me? Sure hope you do.  I'd almost forgotten how lovely you are until I received your photo in the mail today.  Charlene, never let anyone deceive you into believing you aren't beautiful.  I'm convinced, and personally, though I'm slightly biased in my opinion of you, I think I have quite a critical eye when comparing and passing judgement on the lovelier sex....look who's talking! As though I could pass judgement on anyone!
   I'm pulling duty as "charge of quarters" tonight.  Up to now the tour has been somewhat uneventful but business will pick up later. 
   By the way, the snapshot was taken in front of your home wasn't it?
   I'll probably fall asleep before morning. It's now one o'clock.  Speaking of sleep, I notice there are slight, dark rings under your eyes.  Studying too hard? No joking, your eyes do look a little dark.  Take care of yourself,  Kitten, for me.  Remember, there have been and there may  be quite a few other men in your life, but none of them, no not one, will ever love you as I do.  I'll prove it too if I should ever get the chance.
   I often wonder if I'll ever be content to live in one place the rest of my life. Along this same line is another question...could I expect a wife to follow me from pillar to post?  Then I ask myself the sixty four dollar question.Which do you prefer? a wife, or the life of a perpetual globe trotter?  The answer is so easy.  A wife, family, home and the comforts of marital life.  Now you know.  I'm a home lover.
   I'm trying to stay awake and it's a lost cause I'm afraid. There is some guy behind me mumbling something about a jeep and at present it's making no impression on me at all.  Speaking of minds, brains and intellect,  we'll have to try mental telepathy some time.  If you should wake up suddenly some night it could be my fault. It'll be because I'm thinking, or better still, concentrating on you.
   I've invested in a new radio since I last wrote you.  It's a Zenith, Trans Oceanic.  You've seen them I'm sure. I wouldn't take a pretty for mine.  I pick up both local and shortwave stations.  We picked up Grand Rapids Mi. the other night, It's tuned to some German station right now.  The music is sweet and low.  It's the slow, dreamy type music you enjoy dancing to when you're with your sweetheart.  Would you dance just one dance with me?  huh? Please, kitten.
   Well kitten, unless I wake up a little I'll never be able to finish this letter.  I have your photo propped against an ink bottle and it seems as though you're trying to say something.  So far you haven't had a chance to get a word in edgewise.  Nevertheless I've enjoyed the conversation.  Come again when you have longer to stay -- Whoa Peete! I strayed off on a tangent for a moment, didn't I.  As you can see I'm real sleepy so I'll have to say goodnight.  Remember my darling - Ich liebe dich.  In English it simply means "darling, I love you." always will. 
Be sweet libeling,
All my love,

P.S.  If parts in this letter don't make sense, ignore them.  All I wanted to say anyway is - I miss you, kitten.
Love forever

As things turned out, he loved being home but he also loved to travel and his job allowed him to do that....and I followed him...from Tennessee to Arkansas to Texas to California to Chicago, back to Texas, back to Chicago and then finally, back to Texas.....over 57 years time...I want to say "and I loved every minute of it" but as it is in all of life, there were some times that weren't as wonderful as others...just normal stressful times ...mostly financial...Our marriage, our life together, our children our home,  our welfare.. were ALWAYS his number one priority...and he made sure that I knew that...always willing to express  his feelings ,,,WHAT A MAN !!!!  It's not just because he's gone that I feel this way..I've always felt this way about him...he was, and is, so easy to love.... thank you, my I wish that I could be sitting beside you,  touch your face, hold your hand, hear your voice ..


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