Monday, July 20, 2009

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

"Life hands us much that is chaotic along the trail,
Then suddenly the glimmer of a jewel
And we unvail
The closeness of a friend."

Yesterday the Lord blessed us with a visit from four of our "church friends"...(and much more). Jim Lewis, our former pastor came and brought with him his guitar-playing friend, Van Sharp, to entertain us !!! Chris and Joe Santee, our "care group leaders" were here also...we had a lovely time and Bob enjoyed it very much. Except for JoAnn and Paul, lifelong friends, he has not been willing to see anyone except family since he was diagnosed :(
but he is now ready to see his friends as he is able...PTL

Joe is a retired pilot with Delta Airlines...he also flew in Viet Nam. Chris is a wonderfuly gifted speaker, bible teacher, mentor, hostess for many church related events..their home is always open to ones who are in need of a place to stay, both temporary and long-term...truly two people whose life's are lived out reflecting the love of Jesus and his teaching.


  1. What a beautiful message that song has. You and daddy have cultivated some wonderful friendships thru the years. What a blessing.

  2. Turn Your Eys Upon Jesus, one of my favs, Farther Along another, oh so many I can't count. How wonderful to have live music and song in the home with such a message from friends who for certani are prayer warriors, too!

  3. Please forgive my typos, they are coming on stronger as each day passes. I meant Eyes, and certain.


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