Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Three Girls

My three girls are together for the next three and-a-half days...Alabama daughter (Barbara) along with her friend Lori and Texas daughter (Laura) braved the stormy weather and flew to Chicago Friday...their flight took two hours longer than planned because of weather...Laura flew from Dallas and was scheduled to change planes in Kansas City but the weather was not cooperating...they had to divert to Little Rock and wait it out. The Alabama girls were going from Nashville to Chicago direct but their flight was held up for two hours before leaving Nashville....glad they hadn't already taken off and forced to diverted somewhere else (like Laura did)...'cause Barbara is not fond of flying...putting it mildly....she's unable to step on an airplane without some medical assistance.. :)
They're having a really nice time... Laura has been unable to get up there for several years...Barbara and Lauri were there a couple of years ago...but I can't find the pictures...somebody help me out...what year was that?



2006 Nicki and Barb


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  1. Lorie and I were there in 2007. I believe it was in May 2 years ago. We are having a great time. It would be perfect if you were here with us!!! Love you and miss you. I will see you soon.


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