Tuesday, January 27, 2009

unexpected pleasures

It's such a delight to go to the mailbox and find an unexpected gift. Lorie asked for our mailing address some time ago and said that she was sending me "a little something"...but with everything going on the last 10 days I forgot!
So today I found the surprise. A delightful little book titled "A Walk With Me' by Gwen Frostic. It's prose is easily read, understood and appreciated..and it's pictures are gentle and expressive. Here is a sample:

"Follow the path of a stone...that rolls along the beach
Follow the flight of an eagle...as he soars in the sky above
Follow the trail of the wind...that blows through the top of the trees
Follow the song of a thrush...when evening comes to earth
Follow God's moon in the heavens...till it sinks below the lake
and your heart will be filled with wonder...
and your years will be ever inspired"

In other words "Enjoy the little things in life because you may someday look back and realize that they were the big things".
Thank you Lorie for reminding me of that!


  1. Meme, You already knew it- you've had on those ruby red slippers for a long time and I notice!
    Love you, Lorie

  2. So nice to be thought of. We love you and miss you. I am still praying you all could spend the summer with us. I'm holding out for that. Love you, Barb


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