Friday, January 30, 2009

Speaking of brothers....

I have two...Nick and Ed...I've already introduced you to meet Ed.
We've shared a lot of good times with Ed and Marty. They live in Eden Prairie, Mn. and when we lived in Chicago we were able to visit more often. Now that we are back in Texas (and they are still in Mn.) and we're too old to make the drive and too broke to fly we're unable to see one another. They're grandparents now and Ive never seen Vicki and Andy's children!!! :(...wrong...I did see Nathan when he was 2 or 3 years old...maybe 2003 or '04. That's the last time I've seen them.
When we did visit they always were such great hosts...showing off the beauty of their state, etc. We enjoyed good time in Wisconsin at their "other" home..exploring the lake in the "fast boat" or just tooling around in the paddle boats. We were able to spend two Christmas's and Thanksgivings together. I especially remember the good food that Marty cooked. She liked to cook and entertain and we always enjoyed lovely breakfasts' served with nice wine... The first time I ever had fondue was at their house...this was back in the early 70's, I guess, and I had never heard of it. She would make chocolate fondue's to have with fruit and cheese fondue's to have with veggies.
They came to Texas three or four times but now that they have grand-children they stay close to home. I miss them.
Enjoy the video of some of our times together.

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  1. I love your videos. What great memories you have made. Blessings


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