Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Trying to keep up with Barbara is a challenge

The Challenge:
Monday: Day 3 at Barb's

First Stop: Laura's to get her and the boys

Next stop. "Reflections a GREAT furniture store...
actually, its more than furniture.I purchased "Wall Words" ("Home..the place where your story begins." and "Real love stories never end.") I'm sure they will appear on my blog sometime in the future ..I also bought some Christmas tree ornaments that were 60% off..for next year.

Next stop: lunch in Huntsville
good Mexican food..don't remember the name. I'm sure we were there over an hour. No Margarito today. They bake their tortillas on a machine that goes around...it's out in the open and the boys like to watch. It reminded me of a place we frequented in Chicago called "The Magic Pan"...they baked their crepes on a similar looking device...upside-down skillets were quickly dipped into batter and set upon the machine that then turned around slowly...after one rotation the "skillets" were lifted off, turned over to drop the thin crepes that were lightly browned and ready to fill with all kinds of fruits, vetetables, etc.

It was now 2 pm. At this junction we seperated from Mamas, Laura Leigh and the boys...they were off to Koles and I went with Barb for a meeting with her accountant. I took a short nap in the car while she was inside.

we met back at Hobby Lobby...Oh Lord, my favorite place to be! I went a little crazy..more discounted Christmas ornaments...art supplies for Mamas's brother...Barbara purchased a wrought iron table to put behind her bathtub. By this time my legs wouldn't work properly so she pushed me around in a wheelchair
We then headed for home but stopped by a car wash...then went thru Krispy Kreams drive thru and ate doughnuts and coffee on the way home...it was 6:30. Around 7 pm everyone went out for supper...I went to bed !!!

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