Thursday, May 6, 2010

a travel log

Bob loved the outdoors...camping, hiking, walking, riding, rafting, climbing...he didn't  care for swimming but he did enjoy going to the beach (Florida,  Santa Cruz, Ca.,  Galveston, Tx.,  Kauai, Hawaii) ...and taking the little sightseeing cruises in Chicago on Lake Michigan, or in New Orleans on Lake Pontchartrain. When we lived in Palatine, Il. we really enjoyed hooking up our bikes to the auto and driving into Chicago to bike along Lake Michigan...Lake Shore Drive...We also biked in the Forest Preserves there. He perservered with his exercises much  longer than I did ...'think thats one reason I was so surprised that he did not outlive me...I think the radiation was just too much for him to overcome...because he was free of cancer when he was the treatment that took his life.

Lake Michigan, Chicago

                                 1984  outside Ellis Airforce Base, Nevada             


                                  cleaning shrimp ...Pensacola, Fl.  1985

Lake Geneva, Wi. 1987

Biking  on Sanibel Island, Fl.  1989                     

doing a back-flip...1991   age 62

          overnight raft trip on the Rio Grand, 1992                                              

             climbing Enchanted Rock, Tx. 2004 age 75

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  1. I think I love the back-flip the best. How wonderful, how wonderful, how wonderful. I think of you always.


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